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The name “Cores” …

Much earlier in Fiss (and even still today), families were also known by a nickname as well as their surnames. Quite often this name stemmed from someone’s profession, where their house was built or maybe a family trait, and this would automatically be passed on to the next generation.

In our case we were known as “S’Corasa”, the father as “der Cores” and even to this day all members of our family are known as “S’Corasa”. Unfortunately no one knows its meaning or how it came to be. However it is generally accepted, like much of the dialect still spoken in Fiss today, that its origins stem from “Räto-romanisch”. In “romanisch” spoken regions, the word “cores” implies heart, centre or core, reflected very much in our family business!

Fiss’s history

Fiss’s history dates back to the 1st century, when it was controlled by the Romans, travelling along the “Via Claudia Augusta” which ran along the Reschenpass, through the Inn valley and over the “Sonnen Plateau”. Overtime the locals came into contact with merchants and craftsman from the north, the subsequent integration resulting in the creation of the “Räto-romanisch” people. Stone buildings dating back to the 16 and 17 century, when the “Räto- romanisch” settled here, can still be seen in the village. Even today the maze of narrow lanes and closely spaced, typical west tyrolean style farmhouses give Fiss a very distinctive “old tyrolean” charm.

For those interested in the history of Fiss, the local museum offers weekly guided tours.

Hotel history


Gottfried Lenz built the hotel, containing 15 bedrooms (8 with showers, the other 7 sharing facilities) in 1968/69. The hotel was opened in the December of 1969, the village at that time, having one chairlift connected to the Möseralm and 2 draglifts.


in 1975, daughter Elisabeth Pollack (maiden name Lenz) took over the hotel and all rooms were made en-suite. In the summer of 1980 the hotel was extended.


In the spring of 1989 the kitchen and dining room were renovated.


In the summer of 1993 the hotel remained closed due to major alterations.


Since 2001 Markus and Michaela Achenrainer (maiden name Pollack) have been running the family business- now in its 3rd generation!


Construction of the undercover parking, garden, pool and play area began.


Our hotel was connected to neighbouring community heating system, powered by locally sourced wood chippings.

Being environmentally friendly is very important to us and reflected very much in how we run our family business. Local/regional products and companies are used as much as possible, and all waste correctly recycled.


In the autumn of 2011 major renovations took place to the restaurant and kitchen areas. In addition the hotel entrance, bar, lounge, and family rooms all received new “make overs”, the hotel presenting itself in a modern yet typical tyrolean style.

What's new?

At present with grandma Lisa and new addition Lena, there are now 4 generations in the family. We are continually looking for new ideas and median to maintain and improve the high standards for our guests. It is now possible to book on-line and see us on facebook. The future looks good – the next changes being major improvements to our spa facilities.

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